Ocean shores mayor

360.289.3099 Ext. 106
PO Box 909
585 PT. Brown Ave. NW
Ocean Shores, WA 98569


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  • As the Chief Executive and Administrator officer of the City, the mayor is in charge of carrying out the policies set by the council and seeing that local laws are enforced. The mayor is basically in charge of the day-to-day operation of the city, including the supervision, hiring, and firing of all appointed officers and employees, subject to civil laws.
  • In general, the mayor also has the authority to:
  • 1. Enforce contracts.
  • 2. Bring lawsuits, with council approval.
  • 3. Preside over council meetings and, in some classes of cities, exercise some tie-breaking authority with respect to council votes and veto authority over ordinances.
  • 4. Call special meetings of the council.
  • 5. Prepare a proposed budget.
  • 6. Report to the council on the financial and other affairs and needs of the city.
  • 7. Perform as ceremonial head of the city.
  • 8. Approve or disapprove all official bonds and contractor's bonds