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The Ocean Shores Community Police Advisory Board was formed in November 1995 by Ordinance No. 584. The Board was created to enhance police-community relations. There are seven members on the Board: three from the community at large, two from local businesses and two from the local schools. The board is tasked with the following:

  • Advise and make recommendations to he City Manager, City Council, and Chief of Police concerning the provisions of police protection and services within the city;

  • Review and make recommendations concerning police department policies, procedures, and programs, including budgetary implications thereof;

  • Promote public awareness of the City’s police services and programs, including, but not limited to, Crime Watch and D.A.R.E;

  • Holds public hearings from time to time to solicit public input regarding police services and programs;

  • Serve as a liaison between the police department and the community;

  • Apprise the City Manager, City Council, and Chief of Police of the community’s need for police services;

  • Encourage individuals and community groups to assist the police department in the implementation of police programs and services, including the provision of funds, manpower, and property;

  • Review and make recommendations concerning such other and further matters as may be referred to the Board from time to time by the City Manager, City Council, or Chief of Police.

The Board generally meets quarterly or as necessary.

1999-2000 board members are:

Mike McGregor, Steve Buck, Joe Reason, Bill Heinlein, Shirley Peyton, Dee Michaels, and a junior from North Beach High School.

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