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Neighborhood Watch

Ocean Shores Police Department is
an Official Certifying Organization for

What is Neighborhood Watch?

Neighborhood Watch is a program where the citizens in a neighborhood get together to discuss crimes and crime prevention. It also allows each member of the neighborhood to become acquainted with and told how to watch out for each other. If everyone in a neighborhood knows and watches out for each other, the possibility of crime occurrence is reduced dramatically. Criminals network and tell each other what neighborhoods are easy targets and which ones to stay away from. If a criminal has the police called on them each time they are in a specific neighborhood; that information is passed around and the area is avoided.

How is Neighborhood Watch Organized?

Your neighborhood determines who is interested in becoming a Neighborhood Watch Block Captain. That person works closely with their neighbors and sets up meetings for local neighbors to attend. The meetings are held in the Block Captain's home and several things occur toward the goals of the program.

What responsibilities does the Block Captain have?

A Block Captain is a citizen who resides in the target neighborhood and is responsible in performing some minor functions to assist in the Watch's success. Those responsibilities include:

  • Passing out flyers - notifying neighbors of a meeting

  • Hosting a meeting at their residence

  • Documenting attendance

  • Providing refreshments (coffee and cookies)

  • Providing a VCR and TV for showing of tapes

  • Consolidating the attendance into a master list

  • Providing a copy of the master list to the department

Will Neighborhood Watch guarantee my not being a victim of crime?

Even though no program can guarantee you will not fall victim to crime, we feel the procedures taught in the Neighborhood Watch training drastically reduce your chances of becoming such a victim

How can I become a Block Captain and involve my neighborhood in the program?

If you are interested in becoming a Block Captain, please contact JoAnn Balmer at the Ocean Shores Senior Resource Center at 360-289-0201 or by E-Mail at

A sign will be erected in your neighborhood after the completion of your Neighborhood Watch program. This sign lets everyone know you are an organized crime prevention portion of the community


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