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Reduced Speed Limits

At the May 11th Ocean Shores council meeting the council approved ordinance number 863. The approval of the ordinance will result in a number of changes to speed limits within the city.

The revised speed limits will become effective thirty (30) days after publication of the ordinance. Publication is scheduled to take place on May 18th.

The following is a list of those streets where speed limits will change:

Downtown Business District:          25 mph

  • Pt. Brown Ave. between the City entrance and Albatross Street
  • Ocean Shores Blvd between Pt. Brown and Ensign Ave.

Eastside Streets:                           20 mph

  • Gunderson Ave. SE,
  • Mt. Saint Helens Loop SE,
  • Wakina Loop SE,
  • Chinook Ave. SE,
  • Capt. Gray Ct SE,
  • Oyster Ct SE,
  • Harbor View Loop SE,
  • Sunrise Ave SE,
  • Olympic View Ave. NE,
  • Pearsall Street NE

Eastside Streets:                           30mph

  • Duck Lake Dr. between Albatross and Wakina Loop
  • Mt. Olympus Ave. between Eridani Loop and Discovery Ave.

Southern Streets:                          30 mph

  • Marine View Dr

Pt. Brown Ave:                               35 mph

  • Between Albatross and 1/10th mile North of Ocean Lake Way
  • Between 1/10th mile South of Ocean Lake Way to 1/10th mile North of  the Pt. Brown Bridge
  • Between 1/10th mile South of Pt. Brown Bridge to 1/10th mile north of Discovery Ave.

Pt. Brown Ave:                               30 mph

  • Between 1/10th mile North of Ocean Lake Way and 1/10th mile South of Ocean Lake Way
  • Between 1/10th mile North of Pt. Brown Bridge and 1/10th mile South of Pt. Brown Bridge
  • Between 1/10th mile North of Discovery Ave and Discovery Ave.

The speed limit on Dolphin Avenue NE will be dropping from 30 miles per hour to 25 miles per hour to comply with state law.

When the revised speed limits take effect the Ocean Shores Police Department will begin conducting routine traffic safety emphasis patrols. We are asking for voluntary compliance with the revised speed limits.

As a reminder, unless posted otherwise, the speed limit on city streets is 25 miles per hour

Click her to view the City Ordinance on FilePro


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