City of ocean shores surplus

From time to time the City of Ocean Shores has surplus items which are available for purchase using an auction service.


The City of Ocean Shores utilizes the services of The Public Group, LLC., and their website: Public

Before you click on the link below, you need instruction on using the site to find the items available from the City.


Navigate to the site by clicking on the link below. It will open in a separate window, or a new tab.

On the left-hand side is a large list of categories and towards the top are three distinct groups of headings.

You want to go with the "Browse Auctions within Area" category on the far right side.

You must select the Region first, and then the Agency

Select "Washington" for the Region, Then select "City of Ocean Shores" for the Agency.

A new clickable link is displayed, "View all Auctions for City of Ocean Shores"

If there are no items currently for bid, the site will display "There are currently no auctions for the City of Ocean Shores."

If there are items, they will be displayed.

Click on the 'title' of any item of interest and you will be transferred to a full page of details, the current bid, and you will be able to bid on the item selected.

Access the site here:


Questions on particularauction items can be addressed by John Wagner at the City of Ocean Shores.