Your City

    The City of Ocean Shores is a non-charter, code city, organized under the Mayor-Council form of government. The 12.4 square mile City is on a 6 miles long and 2 mile wide peninsula on the Washington Coast.
    Like the Federal and State government, the City's government powers are distributed among the three separate branches: legislative (the City Council), executive (the Mayor), and judicial (the Municipal Court). Also like the Federal and State governments, the three branches of City government operate under the "separation of powers" doctrine, where each of the three branches exercises certain defined powers free from unreasonable interference by the others. The three interact with each other as part of the checks and balances system. The powers of these three City branches are defined by the Washington State statute in the Revised Code of Washington RCW Chapter 35.A.12.

Your Mayor

    As the Chief Executive and Administrator officer of the City, the Mayor is in charge of the day-to-day operation of the city, including the supervision, hiring, and firing of all appointed officers and employees, subject to civil laws. The Mayor also carries out the policies set by the council, seeing that local laws are enforced.
    The Mayor, or the Mayor’s designee, may appoint citizens to serve on the city planning commission, the airport development and operating committee, civil service commission, library board of trustees, lodging tax advisory committee, park board, and board of directors of the city radio station, as well as other boards and commissions. Such boards and commissions must be confirmed by a majority of the whole City Council and serve in an advisory capacity to the City Council.
    The mayor also has the authority to:
1. Enforce contracts.
2. Bring lawsuits, with Council approval.
3. Preside over Council meetings, exercise tie-breaking authority on some council votes, and exercise right of veto on ordinances.
4. Call special meetings of the Council.
5. Prepare a proposed budget.
6. Report to the Council on the financial and other affairs and needs of the City.
7. Perform as ceremonial head of the City.
8. Approve or disapprove all official bonds and contractor's bonds.

Your City Council

    The seven Council positions are elected at large, serving four-year terms that are staggered so that no more than four are up for election at any one time. At the first meeting of the new Council, the members choose a Mayor Pro Tem from among their number.
    The Mayor Pro Tem's duties will fill-in for the Mayor's ceremonial duties when the Mayor is absent. Meetings of the Council are presided over by the Mayor, if present, or otherwise by the Mayor Pro Tempore, if present, or by a member of the Council selected by a majority of the councilmembers at such meeting. Appointment of a Councilmember to preside over the meeting shall not in any way abridge his or her right to vote on matters coming before the Council at such meeting.
    The Council is a policy making body that creates the departments of the City, the offices of the City and fixes compensations. The City Council meets the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month at 6:00 pm in the Convention Center, unless another time and place for meeting is specially designated. Should any regular council meeting fall on any legal holiday, then the meeting shall be held at the same time and place on the next regular business day unless announced in advance otherwise.

The City Council Vision:

    The Council visions the City of Ocean Shores as an attractive residential and beach resort destination community, economically able to support total build-out with living wage jobs and required technological, social, and cultural amenities.

City Council Mission Statement:

    It is the mission of the City of Ocean Shores City Council to provide effective leadership, pro-active planning to attain short and long term goals, and to strive for trust, economic prosperity, and quality of life for citizens, businesses, and visitors through fiscal responsibility. This Council will strive to be an open, honest representative, aggressive Council that moves pro-actively to:
    Establish adequate levels of service within available resources;
Support economic development incentives within legal parameters, with a focus on identifying locations for commercial development that will provide family wage jobs;
    Address the shortage of facilities and programs that create activity opportunities for all age groups, as well as the perceived separation of the senior community;
    Seek all avenues of funding, including grants, for infrastructure improvement.

Vision and Goals:

Provide accurate descriptions of approved projects and their status.
Conduct clear, visual public briefings on the use of revenues.
Improve public relations through a better flow of information.


Ethical behavior
Responsible actions

Crystal Dingler
Tel:  360-289-3099  Ext. 1
Address:  PO Box 909
Office: 585 PT. Brown Ave. NW
Ocean Shores, WA 98569
Term:  2012 - 2019

Public Offices:   Appointed Councilmember, City of Ocean Shores 2011

Community Service:  Member, Washington Coast Marine Advisory Council; 2017-2018 Chair, SW Region Transportation Planning Org.; Founder, Nonprofit Leaders Conference for Coastal and SW WA, Past President of Ocean Shores Friends of the Library, Past Chair of Ocean Shores Library Board, North Beach Community Television Board Member At Large; Trainer; Assoc. of University Technology Managers, Trustee of National Board, Intellectual Property management trainer & chaired annual meetings; Co-taught Intellectual Property Mgt., National Council of University Research Administrators

Education:  Juris Doctor, Seattle U. 1997; WA State Bar #26741; MA English, UW 1982; BA English, UW 1977.

Work Experience:  UW Program Manager, Cloud and Aerosol Research; UW Manager, Technology Transfer; Administrator, Sundstrand Data Control/Allied Signal Licenses and Agreements; Allied Signal Total Quality Facilitator and Trainer; Contracts and Intellectual Property Attorney

Personal:  Married to Dean. Three children. Two cats


Lisa Griebel
Tel:  (425) 306-2859
Term:  2016 - 2019

Present City Council Assignments: Library Board; Parks Board

Regional Appointments:             

Community Service:    In the city of Ocean Shores-  Woof-a-thon Board, Dreamscape Condo Board of Directors, and Ocean Shores Library Board               

Work Experience:    I have been an educator since 1991, serving as a teacher, school counselor, Dean of Students, Assistant Principal, and Principal. Twenty-three years were in the Federal Way Public Schools.  I have been the principal at Miller Junior High in Aberdeen for four years.                             

Personal:    Work keeps me pretty busy!  When not working, I love to yoga and do other forms of physical fitness.  Beach walks and various art projects keep me inspired.   

Kathryn Sprigg
Tel:  (360) 339-8476
Term:  Mar - Nov 2019

Present City Council Assignments:  Fresh Waterways Committee

Community Service: Volunteer, North Beach Senior Center lunch server. Peer reviewer, Washington Education Research Association (WERA). Six years president and executive board member for WERA.

Community Recognition: Ocean Shores Planning Commission; Southwest Seattle Association representative, City of Seattle Neighborhood Planning Advisory Committee.

Education: Doctorate of Education, Educational Leadership & Policy, Seattle University;
M. Ed. Business & Marketing Education, Central Washington University.

Work Experience: Director of Assessment and Research, Highline School District; State Coordinator, National Assessment of Educational Progress, Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction; Instructor, business communication and computer skills courses, Central Washington University, Green River College & Highline School District. Store director for a $29 million retail store with over 200 employees; 20+ years' experience in retail and wholesale sales.

Personal: Married, 3 children. In my spare time, I love to travel, see new places, and meet new people.

Coffee Hour: Tuesdays, 5:30 at the Home Port Restaurant, 857 Point Brown Avenue NW. I want to hear from citizens, what's on your mind?


Jon Martin
Tel:  360-209-2070
Term:  2016 - 2019

Present City Council Assignments:   Finance Committee - Budget

Regional Assignments: State Legislature

Education:  Graduated from Western Washington University 1984 Communications.

Work Experience:  Work Experience: Former Operations Manager for McDonald's Corporation State of Alaska, Field Service Manager for the Northwest Region (Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington) Current Director of Operations for McDonald's of Grays Harbor and Pacific Counties Owner of Martin Bruni Liquor, Vice President of Washington Liquor Store Association.

Personal:  Married to Kim, we have two dogs.


Eric Noble
Tel: 805-234-3928
Term:  2018 - 2019 (appointed)

Present City Council Assignments: Finance Committee - Budget; LTAC Chair (2019-2020)

Regional Assignments:  Grays Harbor Council of Governments

Community Service:  Encouraging and using out Wyndham Wish hours to volunteer in the community, Local beach cleanup, volunteer with the Food Bank, Paws.

Community Recognition: Ocean Shores Planning Commission; Member North Beach Chamber of Commerce

Education:  BA - University of Northwestern

Work Experience:  Eric has been in the hospitality business for 20 years.  He began by overseeing the operations of Wonderland Conference Center, a full service conference center serving the Chicago area, and after six years he became the executive director. Eric started working for Wyndham Destinations in 2012 at WorldMark in Angels Camp, California.  He then went on to be the Assistant Resort Manager of The San Luis Bay Inn in Avila Beach, California.  He is presently the General Manager of the WorldMark Mariner Village in Ocean Shores, Washington.

Personal:  He lives with his wife and son in Ocean Shores.  In his spare time, he loves to explore the Olympic National Park, go beachcombing with his wife and surf with his son.


Steve Ensley
Tel:  360.589-2180
Term:  2018 - 2021

Present City Council Assignments:  Finance Committee - Warrants; Radio Board

Regional Assignments:  SW Regional Transportation Planning Org.

Work Experience:  Finance Director, City of Ocean Shores
                              40 years Finance and Marketing in Private Sector


Bob Peterson
Tel:  206-719-7380
Term:  2016 - 2019

Present City Council Assignments:  Coastal Interpretive Center; Finance Committee - Budgets

Regional Assignments

Community Service:  Library Board President; Library Levy Chair 2012/2014
                                  Regional Mental Health Committee Member
                                  Kirkland National Little League
                                  Juanita Basketball Association

Education: B.S. in Psychology- College of Emporia
                  M.S. in School Psychology- Emporia State University
                  Specialist in School Psychology- Emporia State University
                  Secondary School Administration Degree-Central Washington

Work Experience:  School Psychologist, 40 years

Personal:  Married to Cathey Peterson. I have one son, one daughter, and three grandsons. Before retiring in 2011 I had a 30 year coaching career in college/high school basketball, and  baseball.  In 2011, 2002, and 2003 I coached three girls fastpitch teams in the Little League World Series.


Susan Conniry
Tel: 360-209-3301
Term:  2018 - 2021

Present City Council Assignments: Finance Committee - Warrants

Regional Assignments:  Port of Grays Harbor

Community Service:  Member, North Beach School District Ad Hoc Committee on Homelessness and Hunger; Organizer/Facilitator, Citizen Town Halls and Community Forums

Community Recognition: 3 years - Ocean Shores Planning Commission; 2 years GH County Board of Equalization; 4 yrs - Heartland Communications Facility Authority

Education:  BA - San Diego State University. Telecommunications and Film

Work Experience:  Paralegal; Owner/Instructor - Martial Arts Studio; Disaster Response Trainer; CEO Backyard Tourist (Non-profit Educational Organization)

Public Offices:   2010-2014 Director - Lakeside Fire Protection District

Personal:  Married

Coffee Hour:  Thursdays, 11 am at the North Beach Senior Center meeting room, 885 Ocean Shores Blvc., NW

The Ocean Shores Mayor and seven City Councilmembers are elected on a non-partisan basis. Each serves a four-year  term staggered so that no more than four Council seats are voted on in one election unless a Councilmember must resign. If there is a resignation, the seat is filled at the next Council election. The Mayor Pro Tem is selected by the Council from its members and serves a two year term. The City Council serves as the community's legislative body, enacting City ordinances, appropriating funds to conduct City business, and providing policy direction.

The Mayor is the chief executive officer of the City and runs the City on a day-to-day basis. Under the City Code, the Mayor hires employees and selects the City Attorney, Municipal Court Judge, Prosecutor and others.

  If you wish to contact the Mayor or Councilmembers, see the contact information below. 

EMAILS  initial of first name plus last name plus


Under the Washington Open Public Records Act, all emails, voice mails and letters to and from the Mayor, City Councilmembers, City employees, and City Board or Commission members are subject to public disclosure, with limited exceptions. The City of Ocean Shores cannot guarantee that email sent to or received from these individuals will remain private under the Act.

If your questions or comments pertain to City services, please email the City Clerk at

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