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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I get a Pet License?  Pet licenses are available at the Police Department 577 Pt. Brown Ave NW, call 360-289-3331.

How many pets can I have?  You may have up to 3 dogs and cats altogether. If you have a foster animal, you need to register that animal and are allowed to keep it for up to 6 months.

How can I look up Property Values?  They Grays Harbor County Assessors Office has databases that you can access. One has current property valuations, another has values of recent sales information, or just browse the Grays Harbor Assessor's Website.

Where can I get a City Map? There are often maps at the Fire Station, the Permit Center or at many realtor offices.

How do I pay my Utilities Online?  Use our online billing partner.

How do I make a Public Records Request and What Records Can I Ask For?  Call or email the Administrative Assistant for more information.

How Can I Volunteer for a City Board or other City Volunteer Position? Click on the page on board and committee vacancies.

When will we know whether we are awarded a Vertical Evacuation Tower grant from FEMA? Decision date for FEMA is August 1, then they notify the State & they notify the applicants.

Where can I Purchase City Trash Bags that can then be disposed of in the City Dumpster and how much are they?  Bags are $4 each or 3 for $10. You can get them at the Police Station or Convention Center office.

How can I Make a Suggestion on a better way to do something or ask for something I think the City should provide? Email your suggestion to the Mayor at cdingler@osgov.com.

Where do I get a burn permit?  You can pick one up at the Fire Station., 585 Pt. Brown Ave NW

How do I contact the Municipal Court and where is the Court Office?  Click here.

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Emergency - Call 911

Non-emergency Tel:  360-533-8765
Business Tel:  360-289-3331

Non-emergency Tel:  360-289-3611

Water System Emergencies
Tel: 360-289-4210 M - F / 8 - 4
Tel: 360-533-8765 Nights & Weekends

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