Building Permits, Residential .  Ocean Shores has adopted the International Building Code. Charges for building permits are based on Building Valuation Data as published by the International Code Council OSMC 15.08.040.  A 2,000 square foot home valued at $194,000 would aggregate an estimated $3,005 Building Permit Fee.  This is in addition to the water and sewer fees discussed above.  The Building Department has informational packets for persons interested in new construction or remodeling their homes. Call or come by the Permit Office.

Burn Permit.  $30 per calendar year.  Keep a copy of your burn permit on the premises when you are burning. Pick up a burn permit application at the Fire Station.

Business Licenses and B&O Taxes.   For persons interested in opening a business in Ocean Shores, including home occupations, a business license is required. The annual fee for all business licenses is $50.  An additional $50 is required for any necessary Fire Department inspection. Any business grossing $5,000 or more in a quarterly period is required to pay a .0020% B&O tax on gross receipts.  Further information on Business Licenses and B&O taxes is available at the City Finance Office at 800 Anchor Ave.
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Camping, Recreational Vehicles and Tents.  No fee. The Municipal Code regulates the use and storage of recreational vehicles (RV’s) and the use of tents on vacant lots in Ocean Shores.  A Camping Permit issued by the Police Department is required to park an RV or erect a tent on a vacant lot, and must be posted at the street line next to the driveway.  Tent camping is permitted only in conjunction with a self-contained RV or an RV attached to an approved sanitary system.  An RV/tent may only be used as living quarters for a maximum of 90 days in any calendar year, regardless of the number of lots owned, and may not be stored on a vacant lot.  There are also limitations on the number of RV’s/tents per lot, setback requirements, sanitation requirements, etc.  These regulations are available at the Police Department, City Hall, Permit Center and online here in the Ocean Shores Municipal Code. A self-service registration box is also available at the Police Department.

Cat & Dog Licensing. See fees below. Dog and cat  licenses are required for residents. No livestock, poultry, or exotic animals may be raised or kept within the City.  A maximum number of three animals (pets) per household are permitted. All cats and dogs shall be licensed and registered annually, within thirty (30) days of acquisition by the owner, or within thirty days of being moved into the City.  Animals will be subject to a licensing fee and licenses will be issued through Ocean Shores Police Department. Dangerous dogs require special licensing. For more information call 360-289-3331.

   From the City Code:

    The following dogs and cats are excluded from the licensing requirement:
    1.    Those owned by nonresidents who are temporarily within the city;
    2.    Dogs and cats brought into the city for the express purpose of participating in a show;
    3.    Owners or users of seeing eye, guide, or service dogs;
    4.    Licensed pet stores harboring dogs and cats for the purpose of sale.

    License Tags Issued—Fees. Upon payment of the appropriate license fee and proof of vaccination as set forth herein, the animal control authority shall record the license tag number.      The owner shall cause the license tag to be worn by the animal. Tags are not transferable from one animal to another. At the time of application, the owner must present a licensed veterinarian’s certificate confirming that the animal has been vaccinated against rabies for that period. The following fees shall be paid for licenses required by this chapter purchased directly from the city. An additional handling fee may be charged by city designees authorized to issue such licenses.

    1.    Neutered (altered) male and spayed (altered) female dogs: ten dollars for an annual license or twenty-five dollars for a three-year license;
    2.    Unaltered male or female dogs: forty dollars for an annual license or one hundred dollars for a three-year license;
    3.    Altered male or female cats: five dollars for an annual license or twelve dollars and fifty cents for a three-year license;
    4.    Unaltered male or female cats: twenty-five dollars for an annual license or sixty-two dollars and fifty cents for a three-year license;
    5.    Unaltered dangerous dog: one hundred dollars for an annual license or two hundred fifty dollars for a three-year license;
    6.    Altered dangerous dog: twenty-five dollars for an annual license or sixty-two dollars and fifty cents for a three-year license.

Community Club Membership.  Membership runs with the property owned.  Call 260-289.2433 for further information.  The Community Club is not affiliated with the City in any manner

Concealed Weapons Permits. Permits for concealed-carry guns are issued by the Ocean Shores Police Department, For more information call 360-289-3331.

Electric Rates, Residential.  Electric service is provided by Grays Harbor Public Utility District (PUD) No. 1, located in Aberdeen.  Information on rates and charges may be obtained by calling the PUD at 360-532-4220.

Garbage Bags. $4 each or 3 for $10. Campers may purchase large Ocean Shores logo bags at the Police Deparment or Permit Office on weekdays or the Visitor Information Center at the North Beach Chamber of Commerce at 114 E Chance a La Mer NE, Unit 100, the on weekends. Logo Garbage Bags allow for disposal of trash in the dumpster next to the Skate Park.

Garbage Collection, Residential . The City of Ocean Shores has mandatory garbage collection for all residents and businesses.  The fee includes recycling for a voluntary one tote curbside collection for all recyclables except glass.  There is a glass receptacle located next to the animal control facility in Ocean Shores.  Further information can be obtained from LeMay - Harbor Disposal - in Aberdeen.

Hotel/Motel (Overnight) Tax.  A 5.0% sales tax on transient rentals [rentals for less than thirty (30) consecutive days] is to be collected by operators of all types of “overnight rental” establishments, including private residences in commercial zones.  This tax is sent to the State Department of Revenue which passes it through to the City as Lodging Tax for use in funding Convention Center operations, promoting tourism, and related activities.

Internet Connections. Available from various local and other providers. Free WiFi and computers available at the City Library.

LID and PUD Assessment, Unpaid .  Many properties in Ocean Shores carry unpaid LID and/or PUD assessments.  Prospective buyers are encouraged to check the existence and status of such assessments with Public Finance, Inc. (LID’s) and Grays Harbor Public Utility District (PUD assessments).  You will need the Division, Block and Lot numbers of the property to check this information.

Natural Gas.  Natural gas is not available in Ocean Shores.  Propane is available from suppliers in the Aberdeen and Hoquiam area.

Overnight Rentals. Allowed only in commercial zones.See hotel/motel tax above.

Pets in Ocean Shores.  See cats and dogs licensing above.

Propane. Available from suppliers in the Aberdeen and Hoquiam area.

Real Estate Excise Tax.  A real estate excise tax of 1.53% is imposed on the selling price of real property in Ocean Shores.  Of this amount a small portion is credited to the City’s Capital Improvement Fund.  Further information on the real estate excise tax is available from your Realtor.

Residential Telephone.  Available through various local providers.

Sales Tax.  The sales tax rate in Ocean Shores is 8.8% (6.5% State and 2.3% City/County). The State portion of the taxes collected is paid to the Washington State Department of Revenue either monthly, quarterly or annually, depending on the type and volume of business."

Shed-type structure, boat dock, steps, detached fence, or other minor construction. listed in the City Ordinances as "Non-accessory Structures." $75.00 fee.  Includes any structure independent of the principal structure or on undeveloped real property. Some of these must go through the SEPA process.  Standards and application procedures are available at the Permit Office.

Shoreline Substantial Development. Includes any construction over a fair market value of $6,416 as defined in the Shoreline Management Act and requires a permit.  Includes, docks, bulkheads, etc.  Costs vary according to the work being proposed. See 18.06.050 Permit fees. Call the Planning Department at 360-940-7489 for further information.

Signs. Standards and application procedures are available at the Permit Office.

Special Events. No fee. Permits are required for regattas, races, marine events, tournaments and exhibitions.

Storm Drainage Rates for Residential and Vacant Lot. All Lots  .000325/sq.ft./month. The charge applies to all such lots, regardless of water usage or whether an existing water meter is turned on or off. There are no connection or installation charges for storm drainage.  This storm drainage charge helps maintain the city’s storm drainage facilities and the quality of its fresh waterways. Storm drain rates are reviewed by the City Council as part of the budget development process for adequacy and providing revenue to operate and maintain the storm drainage facilities.  Further information on storm drainage rates is available from the Utility Billing Office.

Television Services. Cable and satellite television are available from various local providers.

Wetlands.  The Ocean Shores peninsula has a high water table which may classify some areas in the City as wetlands.  Property owners should be aware that city, state and federal agencies maintain jurisdiction and require special permits prior to obtaining building permits for clearing and construction projects on or near wetlands.

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