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2017 Accomplishments

2018 Projects & Initiatives Timeline

2016-2017 Razor Clam Bridge This bridge on South Razor Clam has been out of service for several years. Work began in 2017 and will cease through the winter and begin again in the Spring of 2018.
Budget Amount: $3,600,000 Grant Funded
Status: In Progress
2018 Revenue Projection: $1,200,000
Notes: Shafts and foundations installed with bridge abutments poured 7/25.  Girder delivery scheduled for 9/7.  Girders in place 9/15. Earthwork, storm drain and retaining walls currently in progress. A winter shutdown is planned from October to March.

2015 - 2016 Water Treatment Plant  Covering the treatment plant.
Budget Amount: $450,000   
Spent To Date: $633,989
Status: Completed July 2017

Pt. Brown Sidewalk Project  The Streets Department held public meetings with both the business community and citizens to begin the process of designing new sidewalks and lighting for the City between the City Gates and the Roundabout. Ongoing.
2018 Revenue Projection: $564,750 Grant Funded
2018 Expense Projection: $619,000
Notes: $742,750 grant funding + $54,001 city match for current funding awards; total of $796,751.  Claimed $154k grant of $178k spent.  Additional $24k to be requested from County Grant in 2017.  Remaining amount equals approximately $619,000 for expenses and $564,750 for revenues. 

Well 14 Pump Installation 
Budget Amount: $300,000   
Spent To Date: $260,356.11
Status: Completed March 2017.

2018 Safe Routes to School This project extends the multi-use asphalt path on Pt. Brown Ave. from Ocean Lake Way to Taurus.
Bicycle Compoinent
Budget Amount: $40,000 Grant Funded    Spent To Date: $0    Status: In Progress
School district is ordering the bikes and trailer and setting up training for school staff.  Tentative completion is May 2018.
Enforcement Component
Budget Amount: $32,000 Grant Funded    Spent To Date: $644    Status: In Progress
Limited Public Works project (Radar Speed Signs) awarded on 8/7 with a bid of $11,394.84.  Notice to proceed was issued on 8/18 and completion of work planned for September.  Speed enforcement will follow installation of radar speed signs. 
Budget Amount: $680,700 Grant Funded   Spent To Date: $71,394.29    Status: In Progress
Project awarded to Rognlin's on 7/24 with a bid of $525,000.00.  Contractor schedule and asphalt availability has necessitated a suspension of work until Mar. 2018.  Completion planned in May 2018.

2016-2017 Vacuum Station 2  Project to replace siding and roofing at Vacuum Station #2.
Budget Amount: $75,000    Spent To Date: $87,100.44    Status: Completed July 2017

2016 Trail in the High Dunes The consultant completed a feasibility study under a grant from the USDA Rural Development program to plan the best way to place a trail through the high part of the dunes that is meets the needs of locals and visitors to enjoy the dunes and views, as well as meeting our needs for a fire break. The trail will be some 9 to 10 feet wide and on the crest of the highest dune. We anticipate having multiple rest stations along the way, eventually, with benches and points of interest. Seeking grant funding for final design and construction in 2019.
2016-2017 Revenue: $50,000 Grant Funding
2016-2017 Expenses: $50,000    Status: Feasibility Study Completed Spring 2017

WWTP North Clarifier Coating  Prepare and repaint the north clarifier at the wastewater treatment plant. 
Budget Amount: $120,000    Spent To Date: $120,896.60    Status: Completed May 2017
Design and limited construction management ($27,655).  Construction ($93,241.60).  Physical work began March 2017.

Canal Weed Spraying Northwest Aquatic Eco-Systems will be treating the canals  to control aquatic weed growth. If needed, they will spray again September 15 through September 30. Notices will be posted prior to spraying. Completed for 2017

2017 Asphalt Repairs The pilot work with Uretek on Canal Drive was the starting point.  We will be addressing a couple intersections at Taurus here in the near future.  We will also be doing some shoulder work as part of this project as well.  We are uncertain that we will be able to stabilize and repair the ride quality on all locations with the current budget so we are considering our options at this point in time. 

WWTP Aeration Improvements
Budget Amount: $445,300    Spent To Date: $62,378.13    Status: In Progress
Project awarded on 4/10 with a bid of $350,444.80.  Submittal process is nearing completion with a start of construction in the next couple of weeks. Long lead time on blower package results in planned completion in November 2017.  Cost to date is design and limited construction management.

Vacuum Station #2 Piping Modifications  Installation of check valves by staff at Vacuum Station #2 to assist in location of and identification of collection system malfunctions.  The work was completed in May, however additional code revisions are necessary.  This work is planned to be finalized in the 4th quarter of 2017.
Budget Amount:     Spent To Date: $TBD    Status:  Completed September 2017.

Police Station Parking Lot  Construction underway 09/18/17.   Completed October 2017.

Street Signs Street name signs were in poor condition and have been replaced.  Completed August 2017.

Ongoing Hydrant Flushing We recommend that on flushing days in your neighborhood, you do not use hot water from 7 am through 4 pm. If you experience some discoloration of your water, please run the COLD water tap for a few minutes until it clears. For questions, comments, and to file complaints please contact the Water Department at 289-4210.

Ongoing Commercial and Residential Water Meter Replacements We are replacing aging meters. As they age, they generally slow down and do not record water use accurately. Commercial meters are almost complete.

Ongoing Fire Hydrant Replacements We are replacing fire hydrants as we test them and they fail. 2017 is the first year of a 40 year replacement program.

Ongoing Roadside Spraying, Pavement Striping, and Shoulder Rock Placement  Roadside spraying and pavement striping are done for 2017. Shoulder Rock can be placed anytime of the year, so is generally done in the slower season.

Smaller Projects:

North Bay Park  (- Budget Figure:  The amount shown in repair and maintenance of $29,700 is intended for the project work at the park.  The original amount budgeted was $16,500 for 7 elements of work associated with the cook shed building.  Council Member Plackett requested the additional $13,200 to bring the total up to the figure shown.  No separate line item differentiates this work.)

- Cook stove:  This work has been planned for a block of time where no reservations were in place for the cooking shelter.  Removal of the cook stove will begin in August 2017.

- Cook shed roof: This is failing and will be repaired/replaced as needed.

- Well Point:  This was in the 2016 budget. We found that we need to do considerable effort into the irrigation piping and control valves before actually hooking up the system. Installing the well point is pointless until this is complete.

- Radar Signs: Signs adjacent to the Elementary School.  Installation completed October 2017.
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