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Toxic Algae Warning Advisory for Ocean Shores***

GH County Solid Waste Plan Draft*
Please send your comments to sandersen@osgov.com
We will include your comments with our response
Due to the City by 16 September.

Roadway Construction Impacts in OS*

Roadside Vegetation Presentation 090918*
(presented at City Council Meeting)

Current Grant Application and Award Info*
(presented at City Council Meeting)

Lodging Tax Request Forms
The City will accept completed forms through the dates provided.
Incomplete forms or forms without the proper attachments will be returned
if received at least 48 hours before the submission deadline.
Unfortunately, we will not have time to review applications submitted during the final 48 hours and any that are incomplete will not be accepted.

Fresh Waterways Treatment Planned
August 15-September 15 repeated treatment with aquatic herbicide(s) as needed
Product(s) for use: Diquat (brand 1 & 2), Imazamox (brand 1), and Imazapyr (brand 1 & 2)
Targeted: Pondweeds, elodea, milfoil, pennywort, coontail, parrotfeather, duckweed and
other free floating species
More info: Northwest Aquatic Eco-Systems
360-357-3285 or pondweeds@comcast.net

Adopt and Paint a Hydrant
Pick up your application at the Fire Station
Contest ended but adoptions & painting continue

County Health & Services (housing)

Shoreline Master Plan

Energy Efficiency Kit
Call PUD Energy Services 360-538-6383

1 Call / 1 Click
Resources on transportation available to GH County
residents, including possible options for Veterans,
Seniors, People with Disabilities & Low-Income Population

Grays Harbor Transit
Dial-a-Ride & ADA; Specialized Van Services

City Talk
Episode 1: Transportation Benefit District
A discussion.
Episode 2: Fire/EMS Introductions

Lateral Firefighter/Paramedic - Eligibility List
Entry - Firefighter/Medic
Lateral Police Officer with Signing Bonus
Deputy Police Chief
Lead Planner


August 5 through September Street Repair and Maintenance

Hydrant Flushing Notice and Map
September 10 & 11: from Cakesosta Street SE to Discovery Avenue SE
September 24 & 25: from Ocean Lake Way to Taurus Boulevard SW

October 28 City Council Discussions and Public Hearings*
* Mid-Biennial Proposed Budget Modifications
* Revenue Sources for Setting Tax Levies
First Reading of 2020 Tax Levy Ordinance


Frequently Asked Questions

Citizen Water Hazard Report Form
Report downed trees and other hazards in canals or lakes.

Current Ocean Shores Tsunami Evacuation Map

Links from Past Tsunami Road Shows

Ocean Shores A - Z  Links to a Variety of Ocean Shores & Other Sites


Public Works May 2019 Report


2000 Census showed Ocean Shores population at 3,795
2010 Census showed Ocean Shores population at 5,569
2018 over 6,000
That's an increase of about 64% over 18 years!

S&P City Bond Rating:
General Obligation Bond Rating
Special Assessments Bond Rating

Quick Stats:
(2012 vs 2018)

WSDOT Trffice count:                     3.6 M to 4.89 M =   35.8% increase
Housing Starts per year:                 33 to 151  = 358% increase

Days of No Rain (and Rain) 2019

Building and Planning Permit Numbers through July 2019
(2018, 2017 and 2016 for comparison)

Development Activity Data*
Permitting Activity Data
(presented in August Council Meeting)

Police Statistics through April 2019
2018, 2017 2016 2015 2013 2011 for comparison)

Fire Statistics through July 2019
(2018, 2017, 2016 for comparison)

Traffic Counter Stats

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Resident Resources

Emergency - Call 911

Non-emergency Tel:  360-533-8765
Business Tel:  360-289-3331

Non-emergency Tel:  360-289-3611

Water System Emergencies
Tel: 360-289-4210 M - F / 8 - 4
Tel: 360-533-8765 Nights & Weekends

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       FEMA Flood and
  Flood Risk Maps Search

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           BEACH CAM
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             on the Beach?

      Fresh Waterways
       2017 Report

      Coastal Recreation
            Use Study

       GH Coalition Report

  Ruckleshaus Center Report

            City Projects


          ISO RATING FOR
At this time, payments cannot be made via phone with our Utility Billing Department.

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         2017 Water Use
        Efficienct Report

    2019 Annual Drinking
      Water Quality Report

          HOME STARTS
          IN GH COUNTY
The City Council meets at 6 pm every second and fourth Monday at the Ocean Shores Convention Center. Agendas and Minutes, and Digital Recordings of meetings are available online. You may also listen to the meetings live on KOSW 91.3 FM. From time to time the Council has additional special meetings, study sessions, and the like. Notification of regular meetings and special meetings are posted at the Post Office, the Library, the Police Station, the  Fire Station, and on the website link here.

    Opt-OUT of Roadside
    Vegetation Spraying

         2017 CITY PROFILE